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The automatic source of nutrients for Trace Elements Our solution for automated,... more
Product information »Sealutions Origin - TE«

The automatic source of nutrients for Trace Elements

Our solution for automated, controlled and exact dispensing a couple of Trace Elements (= TE) in seawater aquariums without the need to purchase an expensive, failure-prone electro-mechanical dispensing pump.

This is a special challenge for substances which may only be dispensed in extremely small quantities. However, with DRAK Sealutions Origin, you can achieve maximum precision.

The innovative Aquafim® material in a mesh bag ensures even dispensing of Trace Elements over a guaranteed period of 2 months. The mesh bag is then simply replaced with a new one.

Discharge time: 2 months
Recommended for pools to: 200 l

If you require more, please simply use the relevant number of mesh bags.
Position in filter/sump tanks or at another place with a good flow of water.
Briefly rinse under running water before initial use.

Does not contain chelating agents!

Contains indispensable components which are only present in small concentrations of much less than 1 mg/l in sea water, such as chromium, iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum, nickel and zinc.
If concentrations are too low, the life processes can no longer function efficiently. If concentrations are too high, they even have a toxic effect in some cases.

Sealutions Origin - TE ensures optimum, long-term dispensing rates of the substances it contains.

If the lower organisms do not open up properly or colours fade, Trace Elements may be lacking. However, a correct diagnosis is very difficult and the lack of Trace Elements cannot be measured directly. Therefore, Trace Elements should only be added when all reasons for the malaise of the creatures can be excluded over a long period.

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