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Water test for measuring the nitrate concentration (NO 3 - nitrate) - suitable for... more
Product information »PRODACtest KH - Nitrate test«

Water test for measuring the nitrate concentration (NO3 - nitrate) - suitable for fresh and marine water aquaria

For the care of aquatic plants it is indispensable to know the exact nitrate concentration in the aquarium. This is the only way to be able to control the fertilisation with macronutrients, e.g. with Eudrakon N, accordingly. With this water test you are able to reliably measure the nitrate concentration yourself on a regular basis.

Nitrate test set Instructions for use

  1. Rinse the water sample test tube several times with the water to be tested and then fill with sample water exactly to the 5 ml mark *
  2. Add 4 drops of reagent 1 and shake
  3. Add one level spatula of reagent 3 and shake vigorously for 1 minute
    The powder does not dissolve completely: for better colour comparison, hold the tube at an angle until the powder collectes on the side
  4. Add 4 drops of reagent 2 and shake again
    If nitrate is present in the water, the sample will change colour. After exactly 4 minutes you can read the concentration
  5. Compare the colour of the sample with the colour card by holding the cuvette close to the colour that seems most similar to you and looking through the tube from above
  6. You can increase the sensitivity of the test by enlarging the sample size to e.g. 10 ml. You then have to double the detected value

* The meniscus of the water surface has to exactly touch the 5 ml calibration line


Thoroughly clean the test tube after use, securely seal all reagent containers and store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Keep the product out of reach of children


12 ml each reagent solution 1 & 2, powder vial reagent 3, spatula, glass test tube with sealing cap, colour card

Sufficient for 60 tests

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