PRODACtest KH - Carbonate hardness test

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Water test for measuring the carbonate hardness (CH - temporary hardness) - suitable for... more
Product information »PRODACtest KH - Carbonate hardness test«

Water test for measuring the carbonate hardness (CH - temporary hardness) - suitable for fresh and marine water aquaria

Carbonate hardness test set Instructions for use

  1. Rinse the water sample test tube several times with the water to be tested and then fill with sample water exactly to the 5 ml mark *
  2. Add one drop at a time of the reagent contained in the bottle and gently swirl to mix the solution after every drop. Count the number of drops until the solution turns from light yellow to a red-purple colour
  3. Once the solution has turned red-purple leave it to stand for 30 seconds. If the colour disappears, add more drops of reagent until the solution remains this red purple colour
  4. Temporary water hardness is given in German degrees (°dCH) and corresponds to the number of drops of reagent utilized to obtain the red purple colour. 1 drop corresponds to 1° dCH
  5. You can increase the sensitivity of the test by enlarging the sample size to e.g. 10 ml. In this case each drop of the test solution corresponds to 0.5° dCH

* The meniscus of the water surface has to exactly touch the 5 ml calibration line


Thoroughly clean the test tube after use, securely seal all reagent containers and store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight
Keep the product out of reach of children


12 ml reagent solution, glass test tube with sealing cap

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