Filling and cushioning - Environmentally friendly as possible

For this we prefer to use cut paper, which we produce ourselves from the ample (daily) newspapers, catalogs, advertising flyers, etc that accumulate here.
Since we don't take the material from the recycling loop, but add an additional level of use, this approach is extremely environmentally friendly and ecologically and economically sensible.

In cases where, for weight or technical reasons cut paper is not an option, bubble wrap (made of recycled polythene) and all the packing materials obtained in our purchases such as air bags and PS-Chips are used.

Only then, if the material used is not available in sufficient quantity, are newly-purchased PS-Chips used. In doing so we are focussing on the new, innovative, biodegradable Flo-Pak Green:

Flo-Pak Green

The green aspect!

  • Flo-Pak Green is made from 100% recycled material.
  • Minimal use of raw materials means saving resources and little weight when shipping
  • Much less energy consumption than in the manufacture of paper packaging materials
  • There are no renewable resources such as corn or other starch products extracted from food production
  • Enzymes are added to the material polystyrene (PS) in production, but the cushioning properties are not affected by this.
  • Flo-Pak Green is decomposed by microorganisms in combination with the added enzymes. The polystyrene is then broken down to carbon dioxide, water and humus without chemical pollutants. There are no residues such as heavy metals or rot-proof plastic residues. The time until complete decomposition is approximately 9 to 60 months, depending on the environmental conditions. This was confirmed by independent laboratories in the U.S. and Europe.

Earlier, 4 different packing chips were needed for all applications - now only Flo-Pak Green, because all positive attributes come together in one product.

  • Excellent cushioning properties and restoring forces. The closed 8-like shape provides maximum protection for all goods to be shipped.
    Flo-Pak Green cushions and protects much better than paper cushioning material, doesn't attract dust and does not crumble when rubbed during transport.
    It is anti-static - no buildup on the product when unpacking.
  • The green aspect. Made from 100% recycled polystyrene (PS), resource-friendly and energy saving in production. Up to 10 times reusable and recyclable with other plastics.
    No problems with storage. Flo-Pak Green does not attract rodents and other pests, as with conventional biochips made of paper, corn or starch compounds.
  • Good value for money! Flo-Pak Green costs as much as the cheapest chips - but performs as well as the most expensive product.
  • Super light! Weighs about 1.8 kg per 500 l - sack significantly less than most plastic chips and a lot less than bio-chips from corn starch or paper - thus saving shipping costs and good handling and storage properties.

After transport, various disposal options are open to you as a customer

  • Flo-Pak Green is used repeatedly in combination with other packaging chips by the recipient.
  • Flo-Pak Green is 100% recyclable with other plastics - the enzymes are destroyed during the recycling process and do not affect them.
  • It can be sent to landfill environmentally neutrally and decays within 9 to 60 months into environmentally acceptable components.
Flo-Pak Green

Flo-Pak Green also combines all positive attributes of other packaging chips

  • Very light, only 1.8 kg per 500 l sack
  • Best cushioning properties
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Good value for money
  • Dust-free and anti-static
  • Made from 100% recycled material - saves resources
  • Reusable, recyclable or environmentally neutrally landfilled