Roots conquer the forest

Salvatore Scifo:

When designing this aquarium, I was inspired by a friend's photo of a large root that formed a kind of subway. Hence my inspiration and imagination in the design. That's why I wanted to call this aquarium theme »Roots conquer the forest«.
It is a small tank measuring 60 cm × 36 cm × 36 cm, equipped with Twinstar 600S III LED lighting, a Hopar 2208 filter and fertilization with the following system:

5 times a week

  • 1.5 ml Eudrakon N
  • 1.5 ml Eudrakon P
  • 1 ml KramerDrak
  • Extra Potassium

With such a small pool, I didn't expect to get so many classifications in competitions. It was a big surprise and an unexpected pleasure.
These are the great results that were achieved:

  • IAPLC (2021): 103
  • AGA: 3 (Category 55 - 80 litres)
  • EAG21: 24 - General category - 3 (classification nano)
  • EAPLC21: 2 - Medium category

Now we just have to work towards more great results!

Instagram profile: swiko_aquascaping

(Transcribed from Italian)

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