CO₂-Glass diffuser - several sizes and designs

CO₂-Glass diffuser nano S1
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  • CO2AN7036
  • 4260453021533
  • 0.02 kg
  • 3.30 cm × 3.70 cm × 3.00 cm
Diffusers are in principle outlets for CO₂ gas in the aquarium and serve as an alternative for... more
Product information »CO₂-Glass diffuser - several sizes and designs«

Diffusers are in principle outlets for CO₂ gas in the aquarium and serve as an alternative for “Flipper” and other such reactors. They serve to atomize CO₂ into very fine bubbles which dissolve almost completely in the water. Thus carbon dioxide is dissolved very effectively in the water, one has hardly any losses, the bottles last longer.

The AQUA-NOA diffusers, which are also visually very attractive, are made of glass with a high-quality ceramic membrane. This allows you to use the necessary, but previously often disturbing technology as a design element. This trend of aquascaping to integrate all elements of the aquarium into the design has become widespread in the aquarium industry.

Tips for assembly

Fragile glassware such as the bubble counter spiral should always be connected to the tubes very carefully:

  • Do not exert great pressure on the glass to avoid glass breakage
  • Warm the hose in a water bath beforehand so that it expands and becomes softer
  • Moisten the glass connections beforehand so that the hose can be pushed on more easily
  • For short pieces of hose (e.g. inside the aquarium) silicone hose is recommended. This type of hose is very soft and can therefore be connected more easily and, if necessary, also be installed in tighter curves

Delivery scope

  • Diffuser Nano 1 made of glass with high-quality ceramic membrane
  • For aquaria with normal planting up to approx. 80 litres
  • For aquaria with heavy planting up to approx. 60 litres
  • 1 transparent suction cup for fastening
  • Height of the cup: 27 mm
  • Diameter of the membrane: 16 mm
  • Total height: 27 mm
  • Suitable for compressed gas cylinders
  • Suitable for standard 4/6 mm hoses*

*Silicone hoses are softer and more flexible than standard hoses and therefore particularly suitable for glassware.

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