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Ihr Dr. Andreas KremserI wish you good luck with your aquatic hobby with DRAK products!

Sincerely yours, Dr. Andreas Kremser

Freshwater theme world

Proper water maintenance is a breeze with selected products in our freshwater theme world! In the water treatment section, you can find all preparations in the broadest sense for influencing and changing water parameters, provided they are not already listed in other product categories (e.g. hardening salts). In the water conditioners section, you will find numerous products that are mainly intended for optimising aquariums with tap water. This includes a treatment tonic for all aquarium fish and invertebrates in freshwater and salt water! Our fertiliser is also very exciting: The DRAK aquatic fertiliser system was developed in the form of a modular system. The focus is on our iron fertiliser Ferrdrakon and KramerDrak for exceptional, intensely lit plant basins. In addition, you can also find quality fish food for aquarium fish and invertebrates, as well as soil additives primarily consisting of clay. Our range also includes natural decorative products for influencing water parameters.

Saltwater theme world

Saltwater aquariums need certain values to maintain their biological balance. In our saltwater theme world, you can find numerous products that optimise, supplement, or improve fish and plants as well as the condition of the aquarium water. For example, iodine. Iodine is necessary for maintaining cell function and strengthening hormones and antibodies as well as forming tissue. Magnesium is necessary for ion balance and binds the silica found in water. Many invertebrates and soft corals, sea fans, sea urchins, starfish, and calcareous algae need it to build skeletons or shells. Sealutions Sea Salt is a high quality, easily soluble, and very fruitful, synthetic sea salt for use with reverse osmosis water, or simply tap water. In addition to this, Sealutions Mineral Salt is high in magnesium, minerals, and trace elements and is also excellently suited to increasing the hardness and mineralisation of freshwater.